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Office No. 202-0228, Plot No. 119-0,
Dubai Investments Park – 1,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
P. O. Box 451840, Dubai, UAE

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+971 54-389-7971

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Partner With Us: Bizzell is seeking to partner with both experienced large and qualified small businesses, either as the prime contractor or as a subcontractor, to mutually expand business opportunities.

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ABZL International realizes that when we join forces and collaborate with some of the world’s most aspiring and purpose-driven organizations, we can accelerate our impact and drive global change in areas of public health strengthening, economic development, workforce development, youth empowerment, and many other areas.

Our partnerships and collaborations help strengthen our global network, enrich our corporate offerings and programs, and help us achieve our mission of building healthy, secure, connected, and sustainable communities across our nation and around the world.

We are ABZL International. Improving lives, Accelerating change.