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ABZL International

ABZL International (ABZL) is a dynamic global solutions provider committed to developing effective, timely, and responsible solutions tailored to the needs of the local working economy. With a strong emphasis on innovation and impact, we transform ideas into powerful catalysts that drive change across markets worldwide. Operating in over fifteen countries across five continents, our reach and expertise allow us to deliver comprehensive solutions on a global scale.

Collaborating with local and international stakeholders, ABZL addresses pressing global challenges in agribusiness, transportation & logistics, hospitality, healthcare, education, and energy, among others. Through strategic partnerships and our commitment to localized growth, we collaborate with local stakeholders to overcome challenges by fostering healthy, secure, connected, and sustainable communities around the world.

Global Presence
Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, ABZL operates in Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe. Our presence spans countries such as Botswana, Côte d’Ivoire, Tanzania, Brazil, El Salvador, Singapore, India, Ireland, and more.

Our Values
Excellence, Integrity, Innovation, Professional Development, People First, Diversity, Collaboration.

What We Do:


Strategy: Communications, Outreach & Advocacy, Public Health Strengthening.


Technology: Data Analytics & Digital Solutions, Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning.


Investments: Capacity Building, Technical Assistance & Training, Trade & Commerce.


Consulting: Program Management & Operational Support.

ABZL is a fluid enterprise that changes and adapts to the provision of solutions to current local and global challenges, from trade, transportation, manufacturing, and training to helping other businesses in forming international entities and partnerships. We bring data-driven, research-informed solutions to ensure long-term success. Our expertise enables us to address potential challenges, such as economic resilience against commodity price fluctuations, the negative consequences of international economic crises, and the importance of maintaining external balance. We use our data-driven and research-informed approach to navigate these complexities, supporting businesses and governments to overcome threats and achieve sustainable growth in a rapidly changing world.



Agricultural Trade & Commerce:

Optimizing the supply chain, promoting fair and sustainable trade practices, and contributing to economic growth. We currently facilitate exports, imports and distribution of meat, vegetables, fruits, and other food products across different countries.

Asset, Corporate & Institutional Management:

Specializing in delivering comprehensive operational management services and financial solutions tailored to the unique needs of corporations and institutions.


Offering training programs for various entities and establishment & management of vocational training schools.


Exploring diverse sectors within the energy industry, with a focus on sustainable practices, renewable energy, and emerging technologies.


Providing healthcare solutions that add value to the healthcare service system and improve access to quality healthcare.


Venturing into the thriving and ever-changing hospitality industry, aiming to redefine standards and offer exceptional experiences for guests.

Transportation & Logistics:

Expertly managing the movement of goods on behalf of clients, with a focus on addressing transportation and logistics needs for seamless trade and commerce.

ABZL International realizes that when we join forces and collaborate with some of the world’s most aspiring and purpose-driven organizations, we can accelerate our impact and drive global change.